Friday, January 3, 2014

Jane. Be Pure Mineral Skin Perfecting Sheer Foundation Review !

Product Info :

#501- Medium Fair
1.7 fl oz
Dermatologist tested

My thoughts :

This is the first time I try something by jane cosmetics and it’s not the best start I would’ve hoped for .
I think it’s wrong to call this a foundation , it doesn’t provide any coverage what so ever  , feels more like a VERY sheer tinted moisturizer , that being said , it evens out the complexion a tiny little bit in a natural looking way , meaning you’d have to have perfect skin to like it .

First time I swatched it on my hands and rubbed it , it disappeared without any coverage and I was very disappointed , I still am but I find that this works for morning time , school or work .

On the bright side , it’s very moisturizing for when my skin feels dryer but I don’t see myself using this in the summer time as I have oily skin and this would feel greasy .

The container is huge and it has SPF 30 which is great ! the color how ever is not great for my skin tone , I got it in medium fair .
I will continue using it as a sheer tinted moisturizer in the morning , if you wanna try it , you can still find it on Ebay .

Rating : 2.5/5


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