Saturday, November 23, 2013

Eskinol Naturals Facial Cleanser Review !

Hey Guys 

Product Description :

Eskinol provides products which are specifically formulated for the Filipina skin. Its range of products is known to effectively solve oily skin problems and pimples!
Eskinol Facial Deep Cleansers contain Micro-cleanse Anti-Bacterial Formula that removes pimple-causing dirt left from washing with soap. It also removes excess oil and make-up to make your skin truly clean. Use Eskinol Facial Deep Cleanser and avoid pimples and other skin problems from coming back.


Eskinol  Naturals is a facial cleanser – toner that can also be used on the body , it comes in so many different scents .
It’s So cheap for a really good poduct (around 2 dollars – 6 RQ in Qatar )and it’s made in the Philippines .

I find that it’s a little too harsh to use on my face because of it’s high alcohol content  , but for the body it works great and it removes dirt and refreshes the skin .
I got the Orange – Green Papaya and classic .

The Classic eskinol  is scentless and I found that it’s the only one that I could use on my face with out irritating it  , it’s supposed to target pimples and acne and it does remove all the oil and dirt.

I’ll be using  the orange & green papaya ones on my neck and body , they smell great and each one has it’s benefits as written on the bottles .

Product Rating : 4/5