Friday, October 18, 2013

Random Fashion Picks !

hey guys

i was going through my closet which is a huge mess that i can't find anything i want , specially because we just redecorated the whole house and every thing seems out of place .

I just picked some items that were buried in the closet , i thought they'd be cute for going out 

Over sized top - Max

Black Top - D&G
Tank Top -


Thursday, October 17, 2013

REVIEW : Ultraflesh Perfect Pinks 6 Piece Lipstick Set !

Hey everyone 

here's a quick review on the ultraflesh perfect pinks lipstick set 

Product Discribtion :

A matte and gloss mini lipstick set containing the Three Perfect Shades of pink in two finishes. What it does: Each set contains six lipsticks, three sheer and three matte to suit your every mood. This set contains: - 3 x 0.056 oz Matte Lipstick in Ethereal (matte golden pink), Tender (matte baby pink), Fragile (matte hot pink)- 3 x 0.056 oz Sheer Lipstick in Ethereal (sheer golden pink), Tender (sheer baby pink), Fragile (sheer hot pink) What it is formulated WITHOUT:- Parabens- Sulfates- Synthetic Fragrances- Synthetic Dyes- Phthalates- GMOs

The Set comes with 6 super tiny lipsticks that you can fit anywhere , there are 3 shades , each shade comes in a matt & a sheer formula .

The matte formula is very drying but long lasting on the lips , the sheer one goes on smoothly and almost looks and feels like a lip balm. What I do is wear the sheer one on top of the matte for  a better finish.

Check out the swatches , there’s a pink shade , a coral shade with golden glitters and a fuchsia shade .
This set would make a fun gift for anyone and the tiny lipsticks are super cute !

مجموعة لب ستيك صغير فيها 3 الوان كل لون موجود منه اللون المات والشيير الخفيف
المات جاف جدا على الشفاه والشيير خفيف وناعم مثل مرطب الشفاه
انا استخدم الشيير فوق المات  وحجم الارواج صغير جدا ممكن يتحطو فى اى مكان