Saturday, November 21, 2015

Winter skin care haul + Review * Bioderma * Avene * Seba med

Hey beauties
My skin has been alittle dry lately due to the colder weather so I went to the drugstore and got some skincare stuff 

لقراءة الموضوع بالعربى

Seba med intensive night cream
This face cream is very very thick and if you put too much on your skin you might look greasy
, that being said it does relief itchy dry skin and adds extreme moisture as it contains jojoba oil and glycerin but the biggest downside is that it contains parabens 

Sanosen baby sunblock spf 50
A great light weight sunblock and it’s also water resistant
And if it’s good enough for babies it’s good enough for anybody !

Avene soothing eye cream
This eye cream is nice , moisturizing and not greasy 

Labello honey lipbalm
A yummy buttery lip balm

Seba Med clear face range
That range is supposed to prevent and treat acne 

The clear face toner is way too strong for sensitive skin and too drying because of the high alcohol content 

The clear face foam is so gentle and cleans the face , my fav product of the bunch 

Compared to the bioderma sebiem toner that I’ve been using for months on the other hand , not a good product at all .
The bioderma sebiem face is perfect for oily sensitive skin , removes impurities and doesn’t dry out the skin.

لقراءة الموضوع بالعربى على صفحة الفيس بوك 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Revlon Lip butters combo

Hey girls

today i'm gonna be sharing with you my fav revlon lip butters combo

i like those butters coz they go on smoothly and don't dry out the lips , especially now that it's getting colder 

i basically mix lollipop and cotton candy to get lovely shinny pink lips

Friday, August 7, 2015

New Makeup Haul ♥♥ مشتريات ميك اب جديدة

hey girlies

البوست بالعربى هنا

today i wanna share with you some new makeup items i got recently and what i think of em'

this is my first time trying makeup from hardcandy , i've always wanted to specially because their packaging is so cute .

u guys know i LOVE makeup sets , i got this glamazon glow set , it contains : 1 baked bronzer 1 lipgloss 1 face primer and a gold illuminator (glow all the way )
i love everything in this set , the primer is good , the gloss is amazing , gives such a pretty wet-glossy finish , the baked bronzer is gorgeous
and the gold illuminator is great on it's own or u can mix it with your foundation like i do for a hint of color and a summer glow to the skin .

then i got this eye kit that includes : 1 mini liner - 2 baked shadows - 1 eye primer
the baked eye shadows are great and you can use them wet or dry , the eye primer is good i use it as an under eye moisturizer before i apply my makeup

Maybelline Pure BB cream : love this product , perfect for oily skin and summer  i use it everyday 
and it contains salicylic acid so great for acne 

ELF Concealer : the concealers are not great quality and barely has any coverage , but it's great for shapping and highlighting your brows .

LA Girl glazzed lip paint in peony : a liquid lipstick , pigmented and has a menty scent , love

Hard Candy Eye M Tired : love the name of this one :D , it has 3 tiny metal roller balls to massage and freshen the undereye area , it depuffs too because it
contains caffeine

LA pro HD concealer : i'm obsessed with that one , i already ordered another in a lighter shade as this one turned out to be too dark for me
great coverage , easy to blend , doesn't crease .

Real techniques sponge : OMG this thing is great , u can use it wet to blend high coverage products or dry to blend thin runny products and it gives a
flawless finish everytime , i'll be ordering a backup soon .

Eco Tools Duo ended brushes : it has a brush on each end so you have 2 brushes instead of 4 , perfect for travel and the quality of the brushes are amazing .

 Sally Hansen Nail polish strips : these are so much fun you guys !  it's so easy to apply , looks amazing and i get a ton of compliments on my nails
when i wear them , oh and it lasts on the nail for alooong time , like i had to rub my nails so hard to get em' off .
and it comes with small nail file and a cuticle pusher .

a super cute too faced makeup bag

that's it !


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Morning Makeup Routine ** روتين الميك اب الصباحى


it has been a while since i last blogged or posted anything , i've been going through some personal stuff and honestly i haven't really had
alot of free time lately to do anything . i've been focusing on more important things in life , with that being said , talking about makeup
has always been a really fun thing to do for me , so i decided to get back into it and maybe even start a youtube channel . i'll let you know when i set that up

let's talk about morning makeup , today iam gonna be talking about the makeup i've been wearing everyday to work , now i took these pix a while ago so few items have changed since then
but iam gonna be posted an updated summer makeup routin soon anyway .

اليوم هنتكلم عن مكياج الصباح والأشياء اللى استخدمها كل يوم , انا اخدت الصور دى من فترة  كبيرة فى حاجات اتغيرت لكن انا هعمل بوست جديد عن المكياج الصيفى الحالى اللى استخدمه قريبا

ميك اب الصباح سواء للعمل او الجامعة لازم يبين طبيعى جدا

Face :
i use the rimmel primer to prep my under eye area so that the concealer doesn't crease .
i've been using the garnier bb cream for alooong time and still love it , it looks so natural and evens out the skin tone .
and if i'm going somewhere stright after work , i would use the revlon color stay whipped because it stays put all day long
i use the nyx full cover concealer on the inner corners of the eye to cover dark circles then i use the maybelline age rewind concealer to brighten up my under eyes .
then i set everything with loose powder .

Tip : i use the rimmel nude eye pencil to hide blemishes , it stays on all day .

اول حاجة بستخدم برايمر ريميل لتحت العين عشان المنطقة دى بتكون جافة
بعدين استخدم جارنيه بى بى كريم راءع يوحد لون البشرة ويبينها صحية لكن لو حفضل طول اليوم بالميك اب اى عندى مشوار بالليل استخدم ريفلون كلر ستاى ويبد
يدوم طول اليوم ومش بحتاج افكر ان الميك اب ممكن يختفى مع الحر  و على فكرة افضل طريقة حبيتها لدمجه هى بالاسبنج الريل تيكنكس  المبلولة هصورها بعدين

Concealer :

استخدم النكس اللى فى علبة صغيرة على الجزء الداخلى من لان عندى فى اثار هالات خصوصا لو فى سهر
بعدين استخدم المايبيلين كونسيلر او الريفلون الى فى الصورة عشان اخلى تحت العين برايت وفاتح وبرضو ادمجهم بالسبونج

قلم العين من ريميل النود رائع لاخفاء الحبوب بالوجه ويدوم طول اليوم
بعدين اثبت كله بالباودر

i pretty much use the naked basics palette everyday , naked2 in the crease , faint on the lower lash line , crave as liner
and venus as a highlight .

افضل حاجة  للصبح اللوك الطبيعى للعيون اللى مفيهوش الوان كتير

مش بستخدم اقلام العيون الا قليل جدا لان مع الوقت عينى تحمر وتجف
النوع دا مسببليش حساسية فى عينى اربان ديكاى

لوك الاى شادو هو نفسو كل يوم

  naked2 على كسرة الجفن بفرشة دمج
على الخط السفلى للرموش faint
 crave اى لاينر فوف الرموش
هايلايت تحت الحاجب وهو لكتر لون استخدمته من الباليت دى venus

ومش بحط ماسكارا كل يوم عشان بتقرفنى فى مسحها من الرموش
لما بحط استخدم اكتر ماسكرا احبها حاليا من بينيفت

blush & contouring :

i use hoola to lightly contoure the cheeck bones and i mix the 3 blushes on the left from this costal scents palette

استخدم   بينيفت هولا   لكونتور خفيف لعظمة الخد والبلاش بخلط ال 3 بلاش من ناحية الشمال من باليت كوستال سينتس
وفى الاخر جلوس نكس

وبس كدا والكلام دا بياخد ربع ساعة وساعات بزهق ومش بحط غير كونسيلر