Friday, August 7, 2015

New Makeup Haul ♥♥ مشتريات ميك اب جديدة

hey girlies

البوست بالعربى هنا

today i wanna share with you some new makeup items i got recently and what i think of em'

this is my first time trying makeup from hardcandy , i've always wanted to specially because their packaging is so cute .

u guys know i LOVE makeup sets , i got this glamazon glow set , it contains : 1 baked bronzer 1 lipgloss 1 face primer and a gold illuminator (glow all the way )
i love everything in this set , the primer is good , the gloss is amazing , gives such a pretty wet-glossy finish , the baked bronzer is gorgeous
and the gold illuminator is great on it's own or u can mix it with your foundation like i do for a hint of color and a summer glow to the skin .

then i got this eye kit that includes : 1 mini liner - 2 baked shadows - 1 eye primer
the baked eye shadows are great and you can use them wet or dry , the eye primer is good i use it as an under eye moisturizer before i apply my makeup

Maybelline Pure BB cream : love this product , perfect for oily skin and summer  i use it everyday 
and it contains salicylic acid so great for acne 

ELF Concealer : the concealers are not great quality and barely has any coverage , but it's great for shapping and highlighting your brows .

LA Girl glazzed lip paint in peony : a liquid lipstick , pigmented and has a menty scent , love

Hard Candy Eye M Tired : love the name of this one :D , it has 3 tiny metal roller balls to massage and freshen the undereye area , it depuffs too because it
contains caffeine

LA pro HD concealer : i'm obsessed with that one , i already ordered another in a lighter shade as this one turned out to be too dark for me
great coverage , easy to blend , doesn't crease .

Real techniques sponge : OMG this thing is great , u can use it wet to blend high coverage products or dry to blend thin runny products and it gives a
flawless finish everytime , i'll be ordering a backup soon .

Eco Tools Duo ended brushes : it has a brush on each end so you have 2 brushes instead of 4 , perfect for travel and the quality of the brushes are amazing .

 Sally Hansen Nail polish strips : these are so much fun you guys !  it's so easy to apply , looks amazing and i get a ton of compliments on my nails
when i wear them , oh and it lasts on the nail for alooong time , like i had to rub my nails so hard to get em' off .
and it comes with small nail file and a cuticle pusher .

a super cute too faced makeup bag

that's it !