Saturday, May 19, 2012

Current Hair Care Routin + An Update

Hey guys 

My Hair Type & condition :

Dry Curly Long Hair . i suffer from hair fall when iam stressed or not eating enough greens .
i haven't been using much heat to style my hair lately , i just use my curling iron to re-define the curls on the top of my hair sometimes .

here are the products i've been loving 

normally i alternate between the products every time i wash my hair

- Wella Flex curls & Waves Freshen up spray
-Vo5 tame & shine taming  spray
-Dove heat defense Shampoo 
-Garnier Fructis Color resist 
-Frizz remedy Hair Serum 
-Wella Flex hair mousse 
-Tresemme Anti hair fall condcetional
-Gliss total repaire Hair Mask
- Loreal elvive styling cream

i will be doing reviews on most of these products in upcoming posts  .


i know i've been a terrible blogger , not that i've ever been a great one who  posts everyday lol 
it's just that i had my midterms a week ago and the finals are coming up so college has been sucking my entire free time , can't wait for my summer vacation to start but that's not gonna be till the end of july *darn*