Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Blackset Black EVER ! Coastal Scents Hot Pot - Incognito Eyeshadow (swatch)

hey guys 

If you don't know already , black is almost my favorite eyeshadow color 

the things you can do with a good black eyeshadow are endless  , you can turn a day look into a night one in seconds , line your lash line or just apply it lightly in your outer crease for a simple Smokey eye look , and the list goes on 

and ofcourse , the darker the better

When i first swatched this eyeshadow i couldn't believe how black it was , it's with out a doubt , the blackest black i've ever used , i even heard that's it's better the MAC carbon (which i didn't use before ) , so if you have , u can be the judge of that 

Coastal scents Incognito (hot pot ) Eye shadow

Description :

A mysterious black hue with a matte finish.
Finish : Matte
Application : Opaque

what is the blackest black eyeshadow color you've ever used ?


Coastal Scents 26 Shadow Blush Palette Swatches ! (Pic Heavy )

Hey guys 

Hope you had fun on valentine's day 

just a quick swatches post bout my new favourite palette that i've been using like crazy .

the coastal scents 26 shadow blush palette , i'm loving the colors m the eye shadows are smooth and very pigmented.

Product description :

Sunshine, shadow and shimmer! Twenty-six shadow and blush options fill this comprehensive makeup artist’s palette. Endless looks await you with a variety of colors from neutral and natural to sultry and sassy. Just think of it as your go-to palette for some extra warmth!

swatches are from the top row to the bottom one .




Blush row 





what's your favourit coastal scents palette ?