Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Fashion Haul !

Hey Guys 

How are you all doing? 

I’ve done a bit of clothing shopping lately and I’d like to share that with you .
I didn’t take pictures of everything I got but I will post the rest in a part 2 haul.
I also haven’t been wearing much makeup lately , just sticking with some concealer and lip gloss .

Dress –   Rohit Gandhi+Rahul Khanna

    Shoes –  Jeffrey Campbell

Sneakers – Puma

Bag – LV

Salmon Top – H&M

I needed a new dress , decided to go with a classic – gray beaded one , it looks great on .

I’ve also been spending Ramadan with my family and having a good time
So Happy Ramadan to anyone who celebrates it  

Food Shots

See you guys soon