Saturday, March 29, 2014

Skin care & Hair care Haul !

Hey guys 

Here's a small skincare -haircare haul that i got recently , got stuff from Loreal ,Garnier,Vo5,Johnson & Nivea , along with some local brand stuff .

I've ran out of my old products at the same time some reason

مشتريات للبشرة والشعر من اماكن مختلفة , مش جربتهم كلهم لكن فى اشياء عجبتنى

Enchanteur scented powders 
toothbrush -tooth past - nail file

Vo5 ho oil treatment shampoo & conditioner for dry hait 
bio skincare strawberry body lotion & scrib

Garnier BB cream for oily skin
Yardley English lavender soap
كريم جارنيه بى بى للبشرة الدهنية عجبنى جدا
صابون ياردلى لافندر

loreal elvive shampoo

Vividol - hail fall oil treatment
johnson's detangler spray

nivea body lotions
لوشن جسم نيفيا

pond's gold radiance serum
سيرام بوندز بالذهب

Moroccan Soap
الصابون المغربى


Friday, March 28, 2014

Small Fashion haul

hey guys

i couldn't take a picture of everything i got but i will update this post soon

مشتريات سريعة وبنزل باقى الصور قريبا