Friday, June 14, 2013

Catrice Makeup Review !

Hey guys 

Today I wanted to post a quick review on some Catrice makeup items that I’ve been loving recently .

Catrice is a german brand , very affordable with a very good quality 

So first up is a lipstick , Ultimate colour in 210 pinkadilly circus 

The lipstick is very moisturizing and the pigmentation is really good ! will diffenatley get more of these . 

Iam not really  good at describing colors , so hopefully the swatches would help.

I usually use concealer to erase my lip pigmentation so that I get the true color of lipsticks , when I do the color of this lipstick changes into a more pinkish shade .

Left : Pinkadilly Circus with concealer as base - Right : without




Made to stay eyeshadow in 040 lord of the blings.

Loving this cream shadow , it stays on for along time without budging , the color is a gorgouse gold metallic color with shimmer.

Works great as a lid color or a shadow base .

Catrice made to stay eyeshadow - 040 lord of the blings


Iam going to get more shades of this 

Ranting :


catrice ultimate color lipstick in pinkadilly circus - catrice made to stay eyeshadow 040


Catrice precision eye pencil 

A twist up eye pencil , very black , it’s not the most lasting eye pencil on the waterline ,but it does stay a fair amount of time , like 3 hours I’d say.

Considering that I paid around 2.5 bucks for it , I’d say it’s pretty good. 

3.5 / 5



  1. I have nominated you for a Liebster award, see my page for details
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  2. Really nice blog!

  3. I have no Catrice products yet, just two Essence (the sister brand) stuff but I'm quite tempted to go and buy something from Catrice.
    Lord of the blings ... I love this name and it seems a versatile product :)
    Have a wonderful day